Access NI



Causeway Volunteer Centre is a registered Umbrella Body with Access NI. It carries out vetting checks on behalf of other organisations enabling groups to make safer recruitment decisions. Organisations using the service nominate a Responsible Person and sign an Access NI Umbrella Body Agreement with Causeway Volunteer Centre.  Please read our privacy policy with regard to collection of personal information.

Applicant Instructions
To complete the application process you must have to hand:
- Your national insurance number
- Your driving licence and passort numbers (if you have these documents)
- Know whether you need a Standard or Enhanced check (seek clarification from your organisation)
- Click Enhanced AccessNICheck or Standard AccesNI Check
- Select the green button
- Create an account and login with a User ID and password
- Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the on-line application.
- Enter the PIN number 867922 at step one on the form
- Complete the remainder of the form (at step 5 insert the name of the organisation that asked you to complete the form) and click confirm and proceed to finish the on-line process.
- When you have submitted the application you MUST get your ID checked.  Please make a note of your registration reference number and take the appropriate ID Validation Documents to the organisation that asked you to make the application.
- When your Access NI certificate has been issued, take it to your Organisation in order to complete the recruitment process.

Organisation Instructions
To request a Standard or Enhanced check for staff/volunteers:
Complete the Access NI Umbrella Body Agreement Form (this only needs completed once, unless the responsible person changes) and return to Causeway Volunteer Centre
Read the Access NI Code of Practice
Ask the applicant to:
- Visit and follow the instructions for either the Enhanced or Standard Check
- Submit online application and make a note of the applicatino reference number
- Bring the reference number and required documents to you for viewing
- Bring the Access NI Certificate, when issued, to you so that you can finalise your recruitment process
- If you are sending off an Enhanced application with Barred List Check you must ask the applicant; 'Is there any reason why you cannot work in Regulated Activity with children/adults?' - you must make a nore of the response and date the question was asked.
- When you are verifying the ID, check the documents carefully, complete the ID Validation Form and send it to Causeway Volunteer Centre for processing
- You must take copies of the ID documents and send these along with the validation form for processing.

Never allow anyone to take up a position until you have seen their Access NI Certificate