Host Organisations


Supporting Organisations..

Causeway Volunteer Centre works across the Causeway Region of Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle areas and engages with a range of Partnership Organisations to facilitate volunteer placements.  Any not for profit, Community or Voluntary organisation, or Statutory Body is eligible to become a Placement Organisation.  In exceptional cases a private business may involve volunteers if it can be deemed that the placement is for the good of the volunteer rather than the organisation.

The Centre does not recruit or refer volunteers to

  • Work with private individuals without going through a Partner Organisation
  • Substitute for paid workers
  • Take part in political campaigns
  • Engage in activity involving religious proselytising

Causeway Volunteer Centre works with organisations to

  • Help them prepare for volunteer involvement including policies and procedures
  • Identify volunteer roles
  • Promote opportunities through local and regional websites and social media
  • Assess and refer volunteers
  • Provide ongoing advice and support in managing and retaining volunteers
  • Provide support in accessing and managing the Small Grant for Volunteering
  • Organise Annual Volunteer Recognition Events in partnership with Council

Causeway Volunteer Centre can also provide the following services, normally at a cost to the organisation

  • Act as an Umbrella Body to carry out vetting checks (Access NI)
  • Child protection and Adult Safeguarding training
  • Designated Officer Training (Children)
  • Volunteer Management Training
  • Other training where there is a demand or perceived need

Placement Partners are expected to

  • Have regard for equality of opportunity and comply with Section 75 in the recruitment and management of volunteers
  • Complete a pre registration assessment and participate in annual reviews
  • Ensure that volunteers are covered by relevant insurance
  • Keep the Centre updated on contacts and opportunities
  • Keep the Centre informed about the progress of volunteers referred through the Centre
  • Provide the Centre with ongoing monitoring information on volunteers referred by the Centre

The Centre would recommend that Placement Organisations attend volunteer management training..

Volunteer Now has produced a range of good practice guides that you may find useful for your organisation.